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World Dairy Expo Expands Wireless

Posted on by Ruckus Wireless


2016 marked the 50th anniversary of the World Dairy Expo with all 50 being held at Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI.

The World Dairy Expo is a forum for dairy producers, companies, organizations, and other dairy enthusiasts to come together to compete, exchange ideas, technology, and commerce.

Spending a few minutes walking through the expo, it is clear that the industry has made significant advancements in technology.

To keep up with the trend, Alliant Energy Center also made some significant advancements to their wired and wireless networks. 

Industry leaders from all around the world gather for this event each year and there is a high demand to stay connected with their farms and businesses back home as well as with all the competitions and events that are being broadcast throughout the facility during the day.

To accommodate such demand, Alliant Energy Center worked with ESG to expand their current wireless coverage as well as add additional support to existing infrastructure. 

“We have a great partnership with Alliant Energy Center and the World Dairy Expo. They have both been very innovative from the start. Our relationship began three years ago with the Wi-Fi installation at the New Holland Pavilions. The installation was very successful and now we are adding wireless to the Exhibition Hall and Veterans Memorial Coliseum as well as in key outdoor locations” said Lane Manning, Technology Solutions Specialist with ESG.

“Our ability to monitor and analyze web traffic helps us determine where internet access is the most demanding and how to efficiently distribute signal during large events like the World Dairy Expo. The Alliant Energy Center can now provide live video streaming, wireless animal tracking, ticket scanning, real-time judging results, and support for vendor sales and service.” Improvements were also made to the wired infrastructure to make the network more reliable and secure to further protect sensitive information.