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Meteor Caught On Video Surveillance

Posted on by Dan Rubin

ESG’s ACTi NVR 3 Enterprise video surveillance system recently caught a meteor flying over our corporate office in Little Chute, WI. This system includes a lot of great features:

• Manage up to 100 cameras or video encoders (Expandable to unlimited cameras via CMS)

• Recording up to 100 Channels

• Live view local up to 64 Channels, remote up to 64 Channels

• Synchronized playback local up to 64 Channels

• Redundancy Server mode for backup automatically

• Export video with RAW and AVI formats

• Event trigger, response and notification

• Mobile Client, Web Client, Workstation

• Location-based management with eMap

• 16-channel free license included

• Non-ACTi camera support via licensed camera Device Pack


NVR 3 Enterprise Video Surveillance

ACTi video management system (VMS) is a powerful, reliable and scalable solution for video surveillance and business management. It can be deployed in small projects containing only few cameras as well as large installations with thousands or cameras, access control, POS and other devices.
NVR 3 is an advanced solution for large-scale applications. Supports up to 100 channels and offers more advanced features such as e-Map, Active Directory, Smart Search in playback based on motion, unlimited number of users, or restoring video from local storage.
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