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Barry James

When he joined ESG back in 1994, Barry James brought with him 18 years of senior commercial banking experience from his previous job at what is now Wells Fargo. That helped him in being a main cultivator in getting Wisconsin Wireless Communications Corp., parent company of ESG, off the ground. Barry was responsible for creating the business plan that eventually garnered $50 million in startup funds.

In his current position of Vice President of Corporate Development he ensures that the culture and resources are available for the entire ESG team enabling them to exceed the expectations of its clients. He hopes his presence gives ESG customers confidence that the company can provide them with vision, education, efficient implementation and empathy for achieving success in their own business.

Outside of work Barry is a philanthropist who serves on several non-profit and charitable boards and a proud father and grandfather. He enjoys being active outside and escorting his wife around the world enjoying life.

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