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Jake Vande Hey

Vice President of Sales of Marketing

Leading the Sales and Marketing side of ESG is Jake Vande Hey. He brings over 14 years’ experience working in business technologies and has helped craft the system ESG utilizes in its sales approach. His belief is that it’s a responsibility to understand customers’ business goals and requirements to align the ESG processes to meet those needs.

The concept behind his sales approach is hiring technology solutions specialists, not just sales people. This entails a focus on each team member’s ability and education and how they are able to bring that wealth of knowledge and value to the customer; not simply sell them a device or system.

When not leading the sales and marketing team Jake is an avid sportsman. He enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, biking and is a member of Cross Fit. His days are spent enjoying the company of his wife and their two daughters. He is also a passionate supporter of the American military and its veterans. He also serves on the board of Wisconsin Wireless Communications Corp.

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Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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