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Jeff Weber

Vice President of Operations

Jeff Weber, the Vice President of Operations, is a results-oriented leader with more than 20 years of success in the communications industry. Jeff has a proven record of managing a positive customer experience with his strong vendor management skills and development of unique solution deployment and maintenance programs that also ensure a high customer satisfaction rating.

Jeff has extensive design, technical and management experience in both Wired and Wireless communication technologies including, VoIP, data networking, in-building wireless – both WI-FI and proprietary, PCS, and radio paging systems, Digital Video Recording, and LAN/WAN Technologies.  Mr. Weber leads a team of dedicated professionals providing a full line of technical and support services including sales engineering, installation, training and ongoing service and support to ESG current customers and prospects. He also serves on the board of Wisconsin Wireless Communications Corp.

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Roy Vande Hey


Jake Vandey Hey

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Jeff Weber

Vice President of Operations

Barry James

Vice President of Business Development

Dale Hackbarth

Vice President of Finance