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Roy Vande Hey


Roy Vande Hey was one of the original founders of WWCC in 1992 and has been instrumental in its success to date.  It was through his persistence that the Crytycal Services Management (CSM) division of WWCC has grown to become an industry standard for the remote security monitoring and maintenance of PBXs throughout North America.  Prior to starting WWCC, Mr. Vande Hey served as the Executive Vice President of Mitel Systems Integrators, the national installation and servicing division of Mitel, Inc.

Previously, he held the position of Vice President of Operations for Coradian Corporation, a publicly traded (NASDAC) corporation that was sold to Mitel, Inc. in 1990.  From 1980 to 1990, Mr. Vande Hey was co-founder and Vice President of Operations for Telecom North, Inc. which merged with Coradian in 1998.  Before 1980, Mr. Vande Hey had served in several capacities during the 1970’s for National Telecom, Inc. culminating in his last position of Vice President of Operations prior to founding Telecom North. Inc.  He pioneered the use of point-to-point digital microwave communications throughout the Midwest and possesses an extensive technical background in voice and data technologies.  He serves as a board member of WWCC and Airadigm Communications.

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Roy Vande Hey


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