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Chris Saladin

Marketing Manager

Chris is a multifaceted media production gem, seasoned in experience, abounding in poise and driven by a graceful confidence. He has an uncanny ability to connect with every person he meets.  You spend one minute talking with Chris and you feel like you have known him forever. Coincidentally, this makes him a great fit as our Marketing Manager. Having over eight years of experience in the media industry with a very diverse background which most notably includes working for network television shows on CBS, the X Games on ESPN and (a local favorite) the Milwaukee Brewers.

Chris is a thrill seeker. When he is not busy hosting ESG events, producing videos or updating the company website, he is likely to be snowboarding out west or pushing the limits on his motorcycle. He also loves to volunteer his video skills to produce content for local charitable and nonprofit organizations.


Management Directory

Chris Saladin

Marketing Manager 

Rick Reinholz

Service Manager

Jim Windorff

Installation Manager

Tom Binish

Security Division Manager

Jeff Seager

Audio/Visual Division Manager

Michael Buckna

Infrastructure Manager