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Management Staff

Jim Windorff

Installation Manager

There is almost a melodic system in place when it comes to the installation process at ESG and that’s largely in part to Jim Windorff’s influence. He leads every ESG technology implementation while his team works with harmonic efficiency.

Windorff’s style of management stems from his passion for music. Outside of the office he frequents many live concerts then brings that energy to his work. His team takes pride in their ability to complete tasks within an aggressive timeframe. This comes down to having a good plan in place before every project. He believes this is the most important thing he brings to ESG Customers.

“We do our best to pre-plan every installation or project, then review with the customer how we are going to get from beginning to end and make sure they have a complete solution to use for the remainder of their business days with our products,” said Windorff.

He has been a member of the company since the Telecom North days back in 1985. His dedication to the company is only rivaled by his love for his family and friends. “Nothing beats the sound of a great song, the smell of fresh cut grass, or the enjoyment of a great day spent with family and friends.”

Management Directory

Chris Saladin

Marketing Manager 

Rick Reinholz

Service Manager

Jim Windorff

Installation Manager

Tom Binish

Security Division Manager

Jeff Seager

Audio/Visual Division Manager

Michael Buckna

Infrastructure Manager