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Audio and Visual solutions built on the very best automation and control platforms that fully integrate with your business systems.

Digital Room Signs

Red and green lights on our room signs let you see room availability at a glance so you can find an open meeting space quickly.  With digital room signs you can book a room, start, extend, end and cancel meetings right at the room sign to better monitor and manage your meeting space.

Reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message

You communicate with multiple audiences each day, so you need a centralized tool that’s easy, flexible and scalable enough to connect people and ideas across the entire organization. Visix gives you enterprise-class digital signage software to reach your employees, students and visitors with real-time updates wherever they are.

Whether you’re messaging to just one screen or to locations around the globe, our AxisTV enterprise digital signage software lets you publish dynamic visual communications for higher engagement, morale and motivation. If you prefer a centralized solution, our AxisTV One single-user platform lets you create and schedule content in just seconds with our easy drag-n-drop widgets.

Make distance irrelevant

Immersive telepresence: the next best thing to being there.

Every important business discussion should be face to face. Our immersive telepresence solutions combine the highest quality voice, video and content sharing to deliver a truly lifelike experience, so your teams collaborate, make decisions and drive impact.