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Fox Communities Credit Union

Green Bay, WI
Fox Communities Credit Union

It was important that whoever we chose would be there to support us 100% of the time.

Jackie Johnson, AVP of Information Systems

Project Scope

The woes of expansion began to creep in on Fox Communities Credit Union (FCCU) and they reached a point where it became necessary to unify their communications across all branches.

There were locations on different voicemail systems, only select offices showed availability of staff and only 8 out of 15 branches were connected to a central call center. With the problems of varying systems weighing down business continuity, FCCU knew it was time to seek out a vendor to install a new communications system.

FCCU based its search on a few select criteria: vendor service, high visibility across the entire organization – not just the call center, fail-over capabilities for business contingency and call recording for the call center.

After an extensive research process that included interviewing several other credit unions of similar size and some of their customers; FCCU chose a Mitel 3300 Communications Network installed by Enterprise Systems Group.

With FCCU having branches in Oshkosh all the way to Clintonville, ESG was one of the few companies with the ability to service all the locations.

“It was important that whoever we chose would be there to support us 100% of the time,” said Jackie Johnson.

The new unified system brought the features that were lacking previously, such as being able to view the availability of everyone in the organization and having a unified contact center, said Ken Truyman, Call Center Manager.

“The call center is a pivotal part of the communications; both internally and with our members,” said Truyman.

Along with the installation of the new Mitel system, PrairieFyre contact center management and OAISYS call recording tools were installed. These new tools provided more in-depth call data which led to increased efficiency; so much so that it wasn’t necessary to hire more staff despite adding seven more branches to the call center.

“We’ve seen our call quantity, the quality in which we’re answering the calls and the rate we’re answering the calls really improve,” said Truyman.

Outside of the call center, other FCCU staff took to the new system with ease. ESG had technicians on-hand before both phases of cutover to ensure the staff would be prepared.

“Everyone I worked with, from setting up the templates to ensuring the training was done properly, was very nice and very available for questions,” said Johnson.

Currently, Jackie Koehler–Network Manager, has been taking advantage of the new Customer Service Portal ESG offers its customers. The portal gives direct access to the ESG Help Desk where service tickets can be submitted and tracked.

The partnership between FCCU and ESG has served as a great example of how excellent service can lead to valuable business relationships. As well as how technology can have a substantial impact on communication; whether it’s in a call center or amongst branches of an organization.