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Wausau Financial

Wausau, WI

Traditionally we did all our external communications via Webex and shifting to AWC (Mitel MiCollab) it has saved us roughly $10,000.

Tom Boutain : Director of IT

Project Scope

Having a vast geographical distance between offices can pose a great communications challenge for any business. That was a primary concern when Wausau Financial Systems (WFS) was seeking a platform that would fit their unique business while also having the potential to grow as the organization continually expands.

Originally based in Mosinee – WI, WFS has expanded and now has offices in Omaha - NE, Milwaukee – WI, Albuquerque - NM and Kirkland – WA, with around 100 remote employees. WFS chose to implement two Mitel 3300 MCD’s to unify all the employees under one communications platform.

“Knowing that our biggest driver was all of our home offices we wanted something that was easy, not something that would take a lot of time for my staff and help desk to resolve issues,” said Tom Boutain Director of IT Engineering for WFS.

The decision to go with ESG was reached through a series of white board sessions where WFS compared seven vendors, evaluated each presentation and assigned the vendors a number rating. “Mitel and ESG had the best ratings from everybody there by far,” according to Boutain.

“ESG was the only provider that brought phones to our facility, connected them to our outside network and was able to demo using live phones without any issues,” said Boutain. “We only had one other vendor try to do this when we asked, and it was unsuccessful. Others were not even willing to try.”

The WFS and ESG teams worked hand-in-hand designing the Mitel System. They started with the “Cadillac version, fully decked out with all the options,” according to Boutain. But then ESG worked with WFS to establish what was really necessary by explaining what the benefits were and what made sense.

“They helped us become more realistic and cut costs of those features that are very beneficial, but for a company of our size weren’t what we really needed,” Boutain said. “We came up with ways to meet our objectives without adding extra costs.”

Each of their Mitel 3300 MCDs are equipped with the teleworker solution, PrairieFyre Call Center and Audio-Web Conferencing. The AWC has made a major impact on WFS’s ability to cut costs. The system has been in place for just over six months and they are already meeting their forecasted ROI.

“Traditionally we did all their external communications via Webex and by shifting that to AWC it has saved us roughly $10,000 per month,” said Boutain.

Aside from the cost benefits, they’ve also seen the benefits of implementing an (i)View Network Monitoring system.

“We had an outage and because we use proactive monitoring through ESG they notified us that one of our data lines were down. That was great because we wouldn’t have known about it until the morning,” said Boutain. “The issue was dealt with before anyone even knew there was an issue.”

The WFS installation has been a great example of how Mitel and ESG are able to tackle communication challenges and develop a system that truly meets the needs of the customer while cutting operating costs and increasing organizational efficiency.