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First National Bank - Fox Valley

Neenah, WI

They have some of the best engineers on staff. I trust what they do. I don't question what they do. If I ask them what they thing about something, whatever they tell me I accept 100%.

Jason Kilgas, Director of Business Technologies

Project Scope

Coming into a new job can be intimidating, let alone a job in a new industry with new responsibilities. That’s exactly what Jason Kilgas signed up for when he took his position as Director of Business Technologies for First National Bank – Fox Valley.

“I came here to a completely VoIP phone system, never had touched a Mitel system and had no experience with voicemail,” said Kilgas. “ESG was able to, from day one, help me out with adds, moves, changes, cleaning up the system and not only just doing those things for me, but giving me the documentation and resources to learn it myself so I can do it.”

Kilgas was also tasked with choosing a new Internet service provider for their Mitel 3300 MCD voice platform to run on. By utilizing ESG’s Carrier Services offering he has been able to overcome some major issues and work towards finding a new provider.

“They’ve brought in several providers, asked the right questions, helped me know what the positive and negative things were,” said Kilgas. “It brings a lot of comfort to me knowing that those who deal with this on a daily basis are asking the questions.”

As Kilgas gains a better grasp of the VoIP system, focus is kept on improvement and solving issues. He has already scheduled an ESG Scorecard session to create a roadmap for his future deployments.

The current system uses four-digit dialing, call forwarding to cell phones, 6510 voicemail and the inter-office communication tool, Unified Communicator Express. Having the instant messaging capability throughout all of FNB-Fox Valley has been “one of the most valuable pieces to the whole Mitel System,” said Kilgas.

He values the tool so much he is planning an upgrade to Mitel’s Unified Communicator Advanced in the near future. This upgrade is part of the on-going process ESG uses in supplying long-term solutions.

“They’ve given me information on products that are out there that I should maybe think about, but not in the usual sales environment where you feel like you’re being pushed something whether you need it or not,” said Kilgas. “It’s always more, I bring the issue and they come back with a resolution whether it’s a new product or changing something we already have.”

Knowing ESG has his back has made Kilgas’ transition into the IT driver’s seat at FNB-Fox Valley a smooth ride and as their system continues to grow and develop, he is confident he can rely on the ESG team to accomplish all his future goals.

“They have some of the best engineers on staff. I trust what they do. I don’t question what they do. If I ask them what they think about something, whatever they tell me I accept 100%.”