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Manitowoc County

Manitowoc, WI

Responsiveness has been very quick, very timely and the staff have all been well trained, very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Jeff Beyer, Director of Public Works

Project Scope

Government spending is a hot utton issue for everyone, but some local governments, like Manitowoc County, are taking measures to reduce costs and help their offices run more efficiently.

After implementing a Mitel 3300 MCD VoIP System Manitowoc County was able to cut operational costs 40 percent by reducing the number of phone lines required to serve the county system.

The Office of Public Works is responsible for overseeing eight different locations with 26 different departments, so the Director, Jeff Beyer, knew having a central point of control was very important.

“That’s why we went with ESG,” said Beyer. “They offered a system which appeared to be easy to operate and you could operate from one location and take care of updating the head-ins at all the others, which none of the other systems offered in such an easy operational format.”

The previous system Manitowoc County had been using was quite cumbersome, “complex and not user friendly,” according to Beyer.

The Mitel system has been extremely easy to learn and he feels that a person could come in and be capable of fully managing the system within five to six months.

“While being a very robust system it has been very manageable as far as any issues that have come up with it,” said Beyer.

Enterprise Systems Group has exceeded other vendors in quality of service in two ways according to Beyer: “responsiveness has been very quick, very timely and the staff have all been well trained, very professional and a pleasure to work with.”

“They have a great staff who are experienced and have been in the field so they know situations when they start to develop and how to address them,” said Beyer. “Whether it’s in the middle of the night or middle of the day, the response time has been the same; it’s been great.”

Through customer events, the News and Interconnect Newsletter Manitowoc County has continually been kept up to date on the latest advancements that may improve their operations, stated Beyer.

“We continually have information on upcoming trends as well as new technologies and how it fits into our existing system so we can analyze what would interest us and what would not,” Beyer stated.

Manitowoc County stands as a great example of how utilizing ESG solutions can help government run more smoothly at less of a cost to the tax payers.