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Oshkosh, WI

We weren’t looking to fit a phone system; we were looking for a phone system to fit us. We also wanted a company with proven satisfied customers.

Nathan Peterson, Systems Analyst

Project Scope

Technology without imagination is untapped potential. Shallbetter, an innovator in power distribution, has the vision to channel technology for producing customized equipment. It’s this person to- person application of technology that makes it possible to provide what each customer needs instead of a one-product-fits all, and taking what should be costly and making it cost effective. Faced with an aging digital phone system, Shallbetter considered two options: accommodate the old or find a solution that fully meets their needs.

Comparing its existing phone system and other solutions, VoIP with its technology and options-won out easily. “Adding to our 1980s phone system would stretch the physical limits of the server room,” noted Nathan Peterson, Systems Analyst. “Moving to VoIP would mean swapping hardware for software and replacing analog lines with one PRI.”

Upon evaluating VoIP solutions, some were expensive and others a poor fit. “We weren’t looking to fit a phone system; we were looking for a phone system to fit us. We also wanted a company with proven satisfied customers,” said Peterson.

That led Shallbetter to select the Enterprise Systems Group (ESG) of Wisconsin Wireless Communications to install the Mitel 3300 VoIP. “Mitel fit our company the best,” said Peterson, “and ESG’s technical help with setting up the VLAN and its role as liaison with the telco were huge benefits.”

The pre-planning and user training prior to going live with the Mitel 3300 contributed to a seamless transition, according to Peterson, “We targeted and quickly achieved three post-cut goals.”

Call flow to the reception desk was redesigned so calls first go to the receptionist. This drastically decreased the call volume to backup attendants. Intuitive phones allow for mobile field service reps to have calls follow them – without increasing cellular costs. Integration of the PC with the phone stores e-mails and voicemails in one location, making it fast and easy to retrieve messages. Additional VoIP features deployed were call recording and teleworker, which allows remote employees to fully utilize the phone system.

Managing the Mitel 3300 has been simple according to Peterson: “After completing the transition, the system has run well and our staff knows how to use it. And if I do need help, ESG is a phone call away.”
Customer’s Needs
• Updated system with IP functionality
• Direct Numbers for staff to reduce calls to reception desk
• Unified Messaging to store all messages in one location
System Components
• NuPoint Unified Messaging with Call Recording
• PRI with Caller ID
• HP Data Switches
• Mitel IP Self-Labeling Telephones
• Easily configurable phone system
• Reduced call load to reception back-ups
• Mobility features to redirect calls and avoid voicemail
• Solid base for future growth into new VoIP applications