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RGL Holdings

Green Bay, WI

The new Cloud software is going to enable us to be more efficient because our managers are making the transition from laptops to iPads.

Scott Selby, Director of Business Development

Project Scope

Having around three million square feet of warehouse space to monitor and manage can be a huge challenge, but RGL Holdings has done just that with the help of their March Video Surveillance system installed by Enterprise Systems Group.

RGL Holdings, parent company of Leicht Transfer and Checker Logistics, has 14 total locations with an average of eight cameras at each location monitoring the perimeter and interior of their buildings.

The original intention of their March Surveillance system was security. RGL started handling large dollar items and felt it necessary to take precaution. They were surprised to find out that wasn’t where they gained the most benefit.

“We don’t see much for theft. We use the cameras more as a deterrent,” said Scott Selby, director of business development. “Where we’re seeing the biggest bang for our buck is the labor and travel costs.”

The managers of RGL’s warehouses are able to monitor the activity at all locations at any time from the convenient and easy to use March VideoSphere Portal.

“Our managers are able to see what’s going on across town without having to drive the 15 minutes to get there,” said Selby. “Also, even when the warehouses aren’t manned the cameras are still rolling so if a truck were to arrive to pick up a load and no one’s there we can still see what’s going on.”

RGL is taking the mobility of their system to a new level by transitioning to the March Networks Cloud software. This will enable them to have live access to the cameras from to any device; whether it’s a smart phone or tablet computer.

“The new cloud software is going to enable us to be more efficient because our managers are making the transition from laptops to the iPad,” Selby said. “Now it won’t take five minutes to get their laptops booted up and get the camera software up. We hope with the iPad it will be instantaneous.”

The confidence to move to the March Networks Cloud comes from having no issues with the system since its installation, according to Selby.

“It’s been easy. We have ESG configure everything on the DVRs and cameras and we just pick them up and install them,” said Selby. “It’s plug-and-play, but ESG has to get everything set up for us.”

Security and site management aren’t the only applications RGL has taken advantage of. They have been able to use the surveillance footage for training purposes.

“We use it as a training tool to provide feedback to our forklift operators on how to properly navigate blind corners,” Selby stated.

From training to site management, the March Networks system has proven most effective for any use at RGL, according to Selby. He’s confident the system will continue to improve efficiencies and cut costs for RGL for years to come.