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Prevea Health

Green Bay, WI

For the prices you pay, the products you get and the efficiency of their team you can’t go wrong. I would put them up against anybody.

Brett Schabow , Director of Technical Services

Project Scope

Out of all the ESG customers, none have as long a history with Mitel as Prevea Health. One of the founding clinics of Prevea had a Mitel phone system dating all the way back to 1989. That longtime confidence played a key part in their decision to upgrade to a Mitel 3300 MCD VoIP system.

Prevea had old Mitel SX2000s in their clinics and the senior management of the organization decided it is a necessity to migrate to an IP solution and now was the ideal time. A big obstacle impeding that migration was the fact that their partnering hospitals, St. Vincent and St. Mary’s in Green Bay an St. Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan, have Cisco systems.

They decided to work with ESG on the project because of Prevea’s history with Mitel and ESG.

“They’re solid and very honest people that I’ve worked with for the past 10-20 years,” said Brett Schabow, Director of Technical Services at Prevea. “They’re more of a hometown vendor. They’re more accessible and easy to get a hold of; they’re like your neighbor.”

ESG and Prevea got right to work in planning the transition and identifying the unique considerations that needed to be accounted for in a medical environment. Their biggest consideration was how much of the business revolved around appointment setting. Other concerns were phone layout in respect to exam rooms, nursing stations, etc. and the importance of resiliency and high availability.

“ESG is always on top of things; they always have the right questions to ask,” said Schabow. “We work well together.”

The system ESG was able to design fit the needs of Prevea perfectly. They built in redundancy in their core sites which will enable the outlying controllers to switch to the central system in case of a failure. They also have redundancy with their internal technicians.

“With the new system it’s easier to have back up within our teams because its more windows based,” said Schabow. “If you can point and click a mouse and know a little about telcom you can figure it out rather easily.”

The biggest accomplishment once the project is complete will be Prevea’s ability to five-digit dial between all the clinics and hospitals, according to Schabow. ESG was able to integrate the existing Cisco systems in the hospitals with the new Mitel systems in the clinics to allow all end users to be reached through five-digit dialing.

Prevea also saved some cost in the upgrade by going with the Mitel system because they didn’t have to replace the hardware in the clinics. Going forward they will replace the SX2000 phones with 3300 IP phones on an as-needed basis.

Overall, Schabow has been very happy with ESG and the current project. “Over the past year we’ve installed five systems in our regional locations and they went incredibly smooth,” said Schabow. “For the prices you pay, the products you get and the efficiency of their team you can’t go wrong. I would put them up against anybody.”