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St. Camillus

Milwaukee, WI

They helped us look at our campus network and the infrastructure and ask, ‘how can we better our communications, not only for our in-house staff, but also for our residents?

Allen Kinn, Head of Communications

Project Scope

When Allen Kinn, head of communications at St. Camillus, arrived at his desk Friday, Feb. 3, he noticed his phone’s screen was blank, which meant he had a big problem. Half of the facility’s phones were down after the building suffered a power outage the night before.

Kinn immediately called the ESG help desk from his cell phone and notified them of his situation. Knowing how critical the phones at the St. Camillus’ facility were, ESG had a technician on site within the hour troubleshooting the system and had it up and running in no time.

“The phone system is very complicated,” Kinn said. “It’s nice to know that we have the support from ESG to deal with anything we can’t handle technically.”

ESG worked throughout the day with St. Camillus’ on-premise technician to get everything running and then also ran tests to make sure there were no errors in the system from the crash.

Kinn has worked with ESG throughout his eight years at St. Camillus and his experience “has been very positive.”

“ESG Partners with us to make sure there is absolutely no downtime for our residents, their family members, staff or doctors that call into the complex,” said Kinn. “They really understand our business, they understand how we need to survive.”

In maintaining such a large system, ESG has been able to work within St. Camillus’ financial restrictions and keep things running smoothly while also planning for the future.

St. Camillus currently is going through an upgrade from Mitel’s digital platform to Mitel’s IP?platform. Through several Webinars and meetings ESG has been able to break things down in a non-technical fashion. It is easily understood what needs to be replaced and what does not, according to Kinn. These meetings also led to the planning of implementing an (i)View Network Monitoring Solution in the future for 24x7 protection.

Also through the ESG Scorecarding Process, Kinn has been made aware of possible additions that can be implemented at St. Camillus. “They helped us look at our campus network and the infrastructure and ask, ‘how can we better our communication, not only for our in-house staff, but also for our residents?”

Customer’s Needs
• Immediate assistance in critical emergencies
• Technology assessment on impacting business processes & efficiencies
• System migration and proactive consulting for future expansion

• ESG’s?23 certified technicians responding 24x7
• Clear technical goal to improve processes and save costs
• Migration to IP?without revamping the entire system