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Verona School District

Verona, WI

Having that support is very important to us. They often notify us of things before we even see a problem.

Betty Wottreng, Director of Technology

Project Scope

“I have a lot of faith and trust in his ability to solve problems here.”

That was said of an ESG Mitel Technician, by Betty Wottreng, Director of Technology at Verona Area School District. It was her faith and trust that eventually led to ESG taking over as Verona’s Mitel support vendor.

The school district found itself without anyone to support their system when their existing vendor discontinued its Mitel offerings. Wottreng and Verona immediately set out to find someone to step in and, after meeting with several vendors, they chose ESG.

“I did a compare and contrast and ESG was still clearly the best choice,” said Wottreng. “The reference checks I did with ESG were a strong selling point, I heard all positive and very good things.”

There were several areas that set ESG apart from the other choices: reputation , monitoring and proactive planning. Despite being a newer customer, Wottreng has seen the great benefits of ESG’s monitoring services that she heard so much about.

“We do have some support for our telecommunications needs, but I need to know that if there’s a problem on a line there’s someone that can help. Having that support is very important to us. They often notify us of things before we’ve even seen a problem,” said Wottreng.

Having a firm understanding of how the system is running and what it can handle has opened the door for Verona to plan for future expansion.

“Not only was I looking for someone to do a great job in supporting what we have, I needed someone to be able to offer us some consulting services to enable us to do some long-range planning,” said Wottreng.

The ESG Scorecard session was just what they needed to set up a road map for implementing new technology and sustaining their system for years to come. The district is now looking to add the Mitel Audio-Web Conferencing solution and is interested in learning more about the conferencing solutions and Hotdesking.

“I thought it was a really great way to learn more about what’s out there,” said Wottreng. “It helps us to be better informed as we want to make plans for the telecommunications system for the future.”
Customer’s Needs
• 24x7 support
• Proactive consulting for future expansion
• Cost evaluation and planning
• Creation of roadmap for future expansion and maintenance
• Installation of 24x7 proactive monitoring
• Carrier Services management and planning