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Ashwaubenon School District

Ashwaubenon, WI
Ashwaubenon School District

If we have an issue there’s one place to go and the problem’s going to get solved.

Keith Lucius, Assistant Superintendent

Project Scope

After two years of suffering service and reliability issues and living in a VoIP system that continually wasn’t meeting their needs, the administrators at Ashwaubenon School District decided they needed to find a different solution.

They revisited their original RFP responses and, instead of focusing on lowest cost to choose a vendor, they took into consideration “support, experience and someone who could get the job done right the first time,” according to Keith Lucius, Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

This led them to Enterprise Systems Group and a Mitel Communications Director (MCD 3300). Mitel and ESG both have solid, long histories in telephony and award-winning VoIP technology. Planning, installation and training of this new system went seamlessly, according to Lucius.

“It felt like ESG had a better knowledge of what we needed to get done and thought through the potential issues instead of just plugging in equipment,” Lucius said.

With the constraints of the school’s schedule, ESG worked in the afternoons while students were gone and scheduled a lot of work during spring break. They were even able to cutover six MCD 3300s in one night.

“We needed that, we didn’t want our students and teachers interrupted,” said Kris Cumbers, Systems Coordinator.

Lucius and Cumbers have both been quite satisfied with how the system has been running and are appreciative of being able to contact ESG if they ever have any questions.

“An advantage we have with ESG is we don’t have the implementer and the manufacturer pointing fingers at each other,” Lucius said. “If we have an issue, there’s one place to go and the problem’s going to get solved.”

One point of contact, getting it done right and willing to respectfully accommodate the special requirements of the customer separated ESG from its competition and has led to a successful partnership with Ashwaubenon School District, according to Lucius.
Customer needs
• Schools independently set up when phones ring in classrooms
• Full spectrum of telephony features that are easy for both staffand community to use
• Ability to integrate VoIP phone system into existing data network
• Reliable and proven vendor equally capable at telephony and data networking
Solution components
• Call Director that allows schools to operate semi-autonomously
• Enterprise Manager to centrally manage shared system features
• Mitel IP Telephones
• Mitel MCD3300 solution integrated into existing data network
• Centralized VoIP system that allows schools local supervision
• Solid base for future growth into new VoIP applications
• Improved call flow design for a system that’s easy for both staff Assistant Superintendent of Schools.