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Greenfield School District

Greenfield, WI
Greenfield School District

I’ve not met someone who I have not liked at ESG. They all seem to enjoy what they do, they all seem to work together and it’s just a positive feeling.

Pat Graziano, Lead Technology Support Specialist

Project Scope

In 2009 the School District of Greenfield was undergoing the construction of a new high school and the board felt it an opportune time to evaluate the phone system and upgrade it to the latest in VoIP technology. That is where their ESG experience begins.

As in most school district technology implementations, Greenfield put together a committee and established a Request for Proposal that went out to various dealers in Wisconsin. After meeting with the top three responses Greenfield chose ESG to partner with and install a Mitel MiVoice system in a phased install.

“We looked at equipment, we looked at different needs and how Mitel fit those needs, but also we had seen a group of people that were what we were looking for,” Pat Graziano, lead technology support specialist for Greenfield said. “It just felt comfortable. The knowledge and expertise ESG has; it just felt right.”

The phones themselves were also taken into consideration, according to Graziano. Their concern was for thie end users. The secretaries, administration and teachers had to adapt the Mitel phones for their day-to-day use and also looked at the software to see how friendly it would be to manage in-house.

“The thing was stressed the most was design. If the design was well thought out with our needs in mind, the implementation would go a lot smoother,” Graziano recalled.

The install team at ESG planned accordingly with the school schedule and put the phone system in place during the summer vacation. Then training began for the staff.

“I think the big thing that made a difference was the training of our teachers. We had to ensure they were trained before the first day of school. That they knew how to use the phones and in case of an emergency they could pick up the phone and feel comfortable using it,” said Graziano.

Since the high school went live in 2009 Greenfield has implemented Mitel MiVoice solutions in an administration building and an elementary. Greenfield wanted a systems that, not only met the needs then, but also could grow in the future, according to Graziano. The systems has also been easy to manage, but if anything does arise she knows she can reach out to ESG for help.

“It’s very comforting knowing that if something happens I can pick up the phone and call and the person on the other end will be very helpful, very knowledgeable and will answer the question promptly,” said Graziano. “The things that set ESG apart from other vendors are their people and their response time has been really good, according to Graziano.

“ESG’s employees are very friendly and very knowledgeable,” Graziano said. “They’re helpful; they make you feel like they care. Any questions, big or small, they’re there to answer. I’ve not met someone who I have not liked at ESG. They all seem to enjoy what they do, they