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Dane County Credit Union

Madison, WI

The thing I like about ESG is it’s not some big corporation. The people you work with, you know their names and you know you can count on them.

Shay Santos, Chief Financial Officer

Project Scope

Sit in on our interview with Dane County Credit Union’s Chief Financial Officer, Shay Santos, and their Chief Operating Officer, Mary Rescorla. ESG designed and implemented a Mitel 3300 VoIP phone system for the credit union that included all six locations and completely virtualized applications.

ESG: How did Dane County Credit Union decide to work with ESG?
Shay: Lane Manning contacted us wanting to meet up at the Wisconsin Credit Unions convention. We were already working with another vendor, but ESG came in and did a demo and we said, “That’s an intriguing system.” It had a lot of the features we were looking for and it seemed like they (ESG) listened.
Mary: Then it really got down to deciding whether to upgrade the Cisco system we had already or pursue the Mitel system.

ESG: What was the turning point for that decision?
Mary: The last meeting we had with ESG reinforced with us what we liked about the Mitel system to begin with. We liked the reporting, the ease of use, and it had features that the Cisco system could not provide to us without a lot of customization and extra expense.
Shay: I think we all had that “ah-ha!” moment at separate times.
Mary was on board from the beginning, but I being on the IT side, was hesitant. My moment came after we met with ESG technicians Michael Buckna and Lane Kufner. They had such an understanding; all of our concerns we had listed out and they explained how they would address each of those.

ESG: What add-ons does the system have?
Mary: We have UCA chat, the contact center, call recording and we’re working on getting UCA mobile.
Shay: We have the Mitel Border Gateway too, so we can have phones outside of our network. We also have Teleworker and that works so well. We used to have soft phones and there were always problems. With Teleworker we ship the phone out and the teleworker plugs it in and it works.

ESG: How has the new system increased efficiency or productivity for your employees?
Mary: I really like the reporting capabilities the system has. You can really tell efficiency in our call centers. Whether we’re overstaffed or if we need to beef it up at different times. The supervisor piece where you can see who’s logged on and what state they’re in at any time has also helped a lot.

ESG: How difficult is the system to manage overall?
Shay: I think it’s easy. The thing I like about it is you’re not alone. The interface is intuitive and I’ve recently learned a few tricks the ESG support has pointed out. There is also a ton of documentation for the system.
Mary: I’ve discovered some Oaisys videos that are quite good that I’m going to go through again. The written documentation is alright, but those videos are awesome.

ESG: What has your experience been working with the ESG technicians?
Shay: It’s been great. Usually I start a support ticket and they either answer me right away or get back to me within the hour. The thing I like about ESG is it’s not some big corporation. The people you work with, you know their names and you know you can count on them.

ESG: What would you say to another organization looking to work with ESG?
Mary: I would tell anyone that we’ve been pleased with the people we’ve worked with and the system itself has answered a lot of our business needs.
Shay: I would say the biggest reason we are with ESG is that they have quality people. They know the systems that they sell. They try to match products and services with your needs. They don’t sell you anything you don’t need. I like the size of the company and the way they address our concerns.