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PMI Entertainment

Green Bay, WI
PMI Entertainment

The preparation work done by the ESG staff was very thorough. The ESG support staff has been very good in answering my questions and walking me through situations when I need their help.

Laura Norton, IS Director

Project Scope

The success of the entertainment PMI brings to the stage of the Resch Center, from sporting events, to concerts, to Disney on Ice productions, is dependent in part on the performance. But it also comes from PMI’s precise execution of backstage work. When PMI needed to upgrade the telephone system, they used that same attention to detail to make sure they made the right investment.

In summer 2002 PMI built the Resch Center, an entertainment complex that seats over 10,000 people. The telephone system needed additional ports to handle this growth, but it wasn’t able to support a major expansion. In search of a new telephone system, PMI sought bids from five vendors. Before making a decision, PMI interviewed each vendor and tested the solution offered. After weighing the information, PMI choose a Mitel SX-2000 from the Enterprise Systems Group (ESG) of Wisconsin Wireless. With a diverse group of people to transition to the new system – chefs, ushers, cleaning staff, maintenance and operations, administrative staff, managers, directors and chiefs – learning the new system had to be intuitive. Laura Norton, IS Manager, said a big factor in selecting Mitel was the “ease of use and understandable functions for the end users.”

The Call Accounting software that integrates with the Mitel PBX was another influential factor in Mitel’s favor. Performers who come to the Resch Center rent phones from PMI. Laura Norton says that, with the Call Accounting software, PMI has the flexibility to allow: “any Class of Restriction, print a phone usage report after each event, and invoice performers immediately.” This has brought increased revenue to PMI and accolades from visiting event crews who are impressed with PMI’s ability to meet their phone needs.

Keeping a better pulse on customers is another advantage of the Mitel SX-2000. Laura Norton says that PMI now: “monitors Ticket Star [its ticket sales call center] daily and, in particular, during first day on-sales events, to keep track of when customers are on hold, and for how long, in order to efficiently staff the call center.” She also noted improved ACD Call Center monitoring has translated to easy access to key statistics: “In May, we had a sold-out concert. The longest wait in our queue was 2.19 minutes and our longest talk time was 2.22 minutes. Having that type of information is a tremendous tool to assist us in serving our customers.”

Customer needs
• Highly reliable communications platform to serve more than 500 users
• Easy setup of telephone service for customer rental
• Bill customers for telephone services and usage
• Provide better call flow to Call Center

Solution components
• Mitel SX-2000 Redundant PBX
• NuPoint Redundant Voice Mail
• Prairie Fyre Call Center Management Reporting
• Avotus Call Accounting (bill telephone usage)
• Mitel Superset Telephones

• Increased revenue from telephone system
• Improved management of Call Center call flow and staffing
• Platform that provides for growth