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Badger Prairie Health Center

Verona, WI
Badger Prairie Health Center

The creativity and flexibility ESG exhibited got us where we wanted to go. That was a big help!

Laura Slavik, System Administrator

Project Scope

About three years ago, Badger Prairie Health Care Center (BPHCC) recognized that it was time to replace its antiquated telephone system. Two strong elements that drove the decision were an inability to upgrade the old system and an urgent need to improve communications through an integrated voice mail system and in-building wireless phones.

In fall 2002, the county board approved the budget for BPHCC’s new phone system. Laura Slavik, System Administrator for BPHCC, played an integral role in the committee created to oversee the bid process. It was during the required site visits that BPHCC chose the Enterprise Systems Group (ESG), a finalist on the vendor list, to install a Mitel SX-2000. According to Laura, the deciding factor occurred when discussions centered on the custom system that ESG was proposing to install: “ESG was willing to be flexible and creative to help us get the system we wanted. I knew then that ESG was the company I wanted to work with.”

The smooth installation and transition to the Mitel SX- 2000 exceeded Laura’s expectations. The integrated voice mail was an instant improvement. Leveraging the investment it made in a wireless LAN, BPHCC integrated SpectraLink wireless phones for its nursing staff. The SpectraLink system interfaces digitally to the Mitel SX-2000, delivering features and functions of a digital deskset to the wireless phones. The result is enhanced patient care through improved communications. “The wireless phones make it easy for nurses to receive calls from physicians,” Laura noted. “If nurses weren’t available when physicians called back, it impacted patient care. Nurses enjoy the flexibility of their wireless phones so much, they even take them to the break room so they don’t miss calls!”

Monitoring the Mitel SX-2000 system usage is easy with the Avotus package. Through report analysis, BPHCC was able to resolve an issue they had with a local telco line. It’s also easier to bill departments for usage of BPHCC’s lines. Laura remarked that: “We used to charge a percentage of our bill to other areas because we had no way of knowing how many calls were made. Now, with Avotus, we can bill for actual usage.”

Easy system maintenance has realized financial savings and improved utilization of employee time. “With our old system, to save money, I used to save up several changes before calling a technician,” Laura remarked. “Now I can make the changes myself without waiting for a technician to come on site.” Reflecting on her experiences, Laura credits ESG for complementing BPHCC’s plan for its new PBX “… the creativity and flexibility ESG exhibited got us where we wanted to go. That was a big help!”

Customer needs
• Highly reliable platform for 24-hour health care facility
• Easy and accurate departmental billing of system usage
• Integrated Voice Mail system
• Wireless phones for mobile nursing staff accessibility
• Leverage wireless infrastructure investment
Solution components
• Mitel SX-2000 Redundant PBX
• NuPoint Voice Mail
• Avotus Call Accounting
• Mitel Supersets and SpectraLink? wireless phones
• Improved communications and accessibility
• Financial gain with usage reports and easy maintenance