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Evergreen Retirement Community

Oshkosh, WI
Evergreen Retirement Community

"Teleworker (remote phones connected to the PBX via broadband internet) is a great tool our executives use to help stay connected while traveling."

Peggy Faul, Executive Assistant

Project Scope

Evergreen Retirement Community is a rich mosaic of people who, in their senior years, continue to lead vibrant lives. That quality of life is, in part, a tribute to the guiding principle at Evergreen. Abandoning the notion that one type of care suits everyone, Evergreen approaches elderly healthcare by tending to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of each person in the community. That strong emphasis on providing complete, yet custom service, prevails in every undertaking of the non-profit organization, including the recent purchase of a new phone system.

Compelling Evergreen’s search for a new phone system was the need to replace the old one that was nearly impossible to service. Defining the selection criteria were the needs to find a phone system that would be flexible and also provide a platform for growth. Partnering with a vendor knowledgeable in technology and willing to understand the dynamics of the Evergreen organization was also important. Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology, with its inherent flexibility, easy expandability and cost-effectiveness, eclipsed all other system choices. Among the vendors, the Enterprise Systems Group of Wisconsin Wireless (ESG) distinguished itself. Peggy Faul, Executive Assistant, noted, “…of all the vendors, ESG alone had in-depth product knowledge, a background in healthcare and a willingness to understand the Evergreen organization.”

Prior to installing the Mitel 3300-ICP VoIP system, Evergreen had upgraded its data cable throughout the facility.
Jim Semenas, Network Administrator, quickly realized the extent to which the Mitel 3300-ICP integrated with ? and
maximized the performance of ? the network: “Evergreen leveraged its investment in its network cables, replaced network hubs with network switches and, as a result, can bring phone service to new areas with ease.” That’s important as
Evergreen continues to expand and needs to locate employees in temporary offices. Moving phones takes only a few minutes and incurs no costs. The Mitel 3300-ICP, with its broad feature set, has made it easy to create a variety of communication solutions. According to Peggy Faul: “Teleworker [remote phones connected to the PBX via broadband Internet] is a great tool our executives use to help stay connected while traveling.” The mobile nursing staff continues to use SpectraLink wireless phones for real time communications with each other. High-quality speaker phones, the ease of transferring calls and setting up conference calls makes the Mitel 3300-ICP easy for everyone to use. System administration is also simple using the web-based interface: “The administrator can go to any computer,” Jim Semenas noted, “and, without loading special software, is able to make adds, moves and changes. That’s a great convenience.”

Customer needs
• Leverage Data Cable and Wireless Phone Infrastructure
• Integrated Voice Mail System
• Easy Administration of Add, Moves and Changes
Solution components
• Mitel 3300-ICP
• Mitel Superset Telephones
• SpectraLink Wireless Telephones
• Enhanced Communications
• Easy System Administration
• Platform that Provides for Growth