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Bull's Eye Credit Union

Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Bull\'s Eye Credit Union

The time used to prepare for the new phone system was time well spent. When it was time to cut over to the Mitel 3300 ICP, it was absolutely flawless. I've never been through a smoother conversion.

Scott Stoflet, IS Manager

Project Scope

With immediate plans to open a new branch office as well as introduce innovative financial services, Bull’s Eye Credit Union (BECU) wanted its expansion built on a solid technological backbone. BECU’s data network is a well administrated and technologically strong system designed to accommodate growth. In stark contrast, its phone system used old technology that would cripple BECU’s future ambitions. The search was on for a new phone system.
Driving the timeline for implementing BECU’s new phone system was the opening of a branch office in Stevens Point, WI. “We didn’t have the time to sort through sales pitches. We needed relevant information that we could use to make an informed and correct decision,” said Dave Stark, president BECU. An outside consultant was hired to help BECU formulate the dimensions of its new phone system, which would be a Voice over IP (VoIP) system. With a strategy in hand, BECU’s management team reviewed three potential vendors. Stripped of sales hyperbole, BECU probed each vendor’s system to find strengths and weaknesses. After careful consideration, BECU chose the Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) that the Enterprise Systems Group of Wisconsin Wireless (ESG) proposed. In addition to its superior operating system, its “soft console,” a PC program receptionists use for call handling, made Mitel an easy choice. Another strong point was Mitel’s ability to seamlessly integrate with BECU’s existing data network. “We value our business relationships,” said Scott Stoflet, IS Manager, “and we were thrilled we could continue our longstanding relationship with our data vendor.”
Implementing its new phone system coincided with the opening of its new Stevens Point branch office. Both required detailed planning and both had to be executed flawlessly. During this hectic time, comprehensive phone system design meetings seemed unnecessary but BECU soon realized one valuable aspect of these planning meetings – each department had the capability of having its “own” phone system. Scott Stoflet said: “The time used to prepare for the new phone system was time well spent. When it was time to cut over to the Mitel 3300 ICP, it was absolutely flawless. I’ve never been through a smoother conversion.” One of the efficiencies of the Mitel 3300 ICP is members can call and reach an associate – not someone’s voice mail. Another is the soft console that allows the receptionist to handle phones in every location. Future plans include setting up special call-in programs that will provide members a no-hassle way to communicate with BECU.

Customer needs
• One Answering Point to Serve Multiple Offices
• Automatic Call Distribution (Loan Officers)
• Voice Mail Messages Integrated with Outlook
Solution components
• Mitel 3300-ICP
• Mitel Advanced Voice Mail (with Std. Unified Messaging)
• Mitel IP Telephones
• VistaPoint Soft Console (PC-based Operator Console)
• Phone System with Common Platform
• Rapid Implementation throughout Organization
• Reduced Training and Operating Costs