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Green Bay, WI

We went through the standard RFP process of several different providers, we also researched further via the Mitel website and found that ESG was rated the highest of the vendors that we were considering", said Sallie. “Everyone at ESG is just so easy to work with. They are very personable, very responsive, and hands on. The solutions ESG offered us, along with their ongoing support, have allowed us to optimize usage of the Mitel system. We are able to offer additional contact options to our customers such as live web chat, texting, social media, along with robust reporting capabilities. We can also track the reasons customers contact us and we can perform customer satisfaction surveys now."

Sallie Drier - Customer Care Director

Project Scope

Cellcom is an innovative wireless company with more than 50 locations throughout Wisconsin and
Michigan. They provide nationwide 4G LTE service, affordable plans, and the latest in wireless devices.
Customer service is a top priority for Cellcom and a key differentiator when it comes to competitive
advantages. Which is why they reached out to ESG to modernize their contact center. Sallie Drier, Cellcom's Customer Care Director, was part of the team that selected ESG.

Cellcom has about 45 agents working at a
time and with the Mitel system they are able
to look at the reports and it will forecast how many agents they will need at certain parts of the day. Cellcom also utilizes an additional workforce management system that integrates directly with Mitel and feeds information all day long so they can get both real time and historical reporting.

Eric Laracuente, Cellcom's Systems Administration Manager, handles the technical side of the operation. "Hands down ESG has been the best integration partner we’ve had. And we were able to not only roll it in smoothly but they were able to provide me with the sufficient knowledge, training, and information that I needed to build up the wealth of knowledge I have today to support our Mitel contact center correctly.”

Mitel's contact center offers a flexible, intimate customer experience.