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Things to have ready when you call in:

  • Your name and the company where you work
  • Your phone number
  • Description of the move, add, change or issue (including end-point affected)
  • Time and date of when the issue may have occurred

People defining what it means to provide premier customer service

When you call into our ESG Help Desk you will be greeted by a real person that lives and works in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley. Your inquiries will be handled professionally and efficiently as they are transitioned on to one of our over thirty highly-trained and certified technicians; of whom have an average industry experience of 20+ years.


ESG Support

A proven system for support

The reason ESG customers stick with our support agreements is because they work. Our management team has developed its processes over decades to efficiently and effectively respond to any requests. Customers can submit tickets through several channels, including: by phone, email or the Help desk portal which can be accessed in the above link. Once a ticket has been submitted one of our certified technicians stays in continuous communication with the customer to let them know the status of their request right up until the ticket has been closed.


Proactive monitoring allows for solutions before any issues arise.

Imagine setting up alerts for your technology systems that could let you know of potential risks to your systems before they become problems. That’s exactly what ESG’s (i)View Network Management solution provides to our customers. This device is placed on any network and allows our ESG technicians to securely, and remotely manage the systems we install.

(i)View Network Management also allows our installation teams to test out your existing networks before deployment to ensure they can handle the new technologies. It’s like having a crystal ball that tells us how to correct anything before it could go wrong in the future.